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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So Kadyn has gained 1lb since his last ER visit. It wasn't enough to even matter. Kadyn has dropped below the 5th percentile. They are now worried deeply about him. He is being put on a higher concentrated more calorie formula to help with his weight gain. I am hoping he gains a good amount of weight. He is now being seen every 1-2 months through his dietitian to make sure he is gaining weight. He is also going to be seen by his Neurologist every 4 months.

Kadyn was suppose to go to Cardiology today but he developed a nasty cough. I don't like to push him anymore than I have to so that will have to be rescheduled. I like to keep him as healthy as possible and stressing him out I believe will not help him get over this cough.

Anyways back to the formula. This formula will be delivered to the house. How exciting! It will be approved through insurance, which is was approved already. I got the letter already! This formula will be so much easier, but now I have like 5 cases of powdered formula left. OH well. Ill donate them back to the hospital so they can be given out to those who need them. :D