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Friday, October 21, 2011

Stressful week

What an eventful stressful week I have had. Kadyn ended up having a terrible break through seizure at home. I needed to call 911, the worst part was, 911 kept giving me a busy signal. So I packed Kadyn up and drove to the nearest hospital. Then found out they didn't even have an emergency parking and you had to pay to go into the emergency room. So off to childrens we went. Kadyn still seizing. How scary. I tell you, the whole time I prayed that God watch over him and get us safe to childrens. As soon as I ran in with my seizing child in my arms, I just ran to trauma and yelled he is seizing. Pretty sad when I know exactly where to go. I laid Kadyn on a bed and then started telling the doctors his history. I make sure I let them know he has a port and they start trying to get a line while a nurse runs to get the stuff for his port. They have no luck getting a line, and as soon as they go to poke him for the port he stops. He wakes up and starts fighting. I sigh and just say Thank you God! Thank you! So then we check his shunt, which I knew his shunt was not the issue. It was the Cytra-K that did this to him. The carbs in it were a lot more than he could handle. So then we do the shunt survey and we are put into a regular room in the ED. Where we wait a few minutes to be told it's not infection or the shunt and we are going to admit you for observation. Now this is where I told them, I know why he seized if it wasn't those two and I would prefer to go to the comfort of my own home. Knowing that I can observe him a lot better and come back if there is a change. They agreed and let us go home. That was on Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

Thursday night Kadyn had a horrid nasty sounding cough. So I decided to take him in and make sure he didn't aspirate as he was sitting up in his car seat because the 911 system is horrible here in the Detroit area. So we have his lungs checked out and he was fine, thank goodness. They think it's either virus or he may have slight asthma so we have to follow up with that in the future.

When I went into the hospital on Thursday the wait to be seen was over an hour long, but because his nurse that discharged him on Wednesday morning was working in Triage she put him as a high priority since aspiration could of been an issue. They even took us around back as those who have been waiting wouldn't be upset to see us who just walked in go back first. It's nice to have VIP treatment, but we still ended up waiting for hours to even see the doctor. I was getting frustrated and come to find out the doctor had a severely sick patient that needed to be transferred to ICU asap. So then I understood. Thankfully though, we were in and out with nothing new.

I wrote his dietitian an email and let her know what happened and she agreed to stop the Cytra-K and no longer use it. She also said that weaning him off the diet would be rather scary if he couldn't even handle the slightest increase in carbs. So now we wait and see what happens.

I decided that I needed a break away from the everyday routine I have for my life. I left Kadyn at home with his daddy and made a break away to my sisters in Ohio. I think it's well deserved mini vacation for me as I haven't just been alone with my family here in over 5 years. I miss Kadyn and I know he misses me but things were getting super frustrating with lack of sleep and everything, so I took myself out of the situation and came here basically so I could sleep a little better this weekend. Normally when I get a break I am on a real vacation with Harvey and that is hardly time to sleep when you are constantly going. I think this will be good for me. I kind of feel bad because I haven't just left Harvey with Kadyn in a very long time. (not since we split up a few years ago and he had him on weekends) Hopefully they enjoy their time together.

So now I am about to get some sleep. my niece is not here so I have taken over her bed. Yet her dog seems to think he can sleep in here too., Ahh BOO :D


connie said...

So sorry it has been a bad week. :(