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Sunday, October 30, 2011

New addition to the family!

So, Kadyn got a puppy. We got Kadyn a Sheltie. Well my Sister got Kadyn a Sheltie. For those who may not know what a Sheltie is. It is a mini Collie. (Lassie dog lol)

We have named him Comet. He is still  a baby.  3 months, maybe 4 months old. He is super sweet and loves Kadyn. He will come up and lick Kadyn and make him laugh so hard. It's super sweet!

Comet is a blue merel Sheltie. The coloring is rare but I think it's beautiful. He already knows sit and lay down. He is 90% potty trained. As long as we let him out every hour, which him being puppy thats normal.

My mom loves him to death and I think she may steal him from us lol. :D