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Friday, October 28, 2011

This Year For Halloween

I decided that I didn't want to go the cute, dressed up, kinda trampy look that most young girls go for. I mean, I am going to be 25, and I am a why not the..

Dead look :D

Ok OK If you ever seen The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 you know who I am :D


yes thats me and I did the make up and everything all by myself, costume is bought though :D yay


Kristen said...

Holy Moley, you did a good job with the makeup. You nailed the zombie look perfectly! Mike liked it too.

Colette said...

Love your costume and you did a fantastic job with your makeup!! I too was a zombie as I'm a massive fan of The Walking Dead! Season 2 has just started to air here in Ireland/UK and am loooooving it...I still get freaked out when the "walkers" appear!! haha Good luck with the house, so excited for ye all and hope you will be moved in for Christmas! Love your blog although I dont comment always curious to see how Kayden is doing! Take care xxx