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Friday, November 4, 2011

New Formula

Kadyn has been on the Ketogenic diet for 2 years now. Well, it will be 2 years in February. I can't believe he has been on it for that long. Kadyn started with a powdered formula at a 3:1 ratio, which had some but not full seizure control. When he was put on the 4:1 ratio Kadyn gained full seizure control and that was a miracle. Going from 50+ small absent seizures a day and 1-4 grand mal seizures a month to 0 was amazing. After Kadyn was on 4 medications at the time, but has tried at least 8 this diet is what he needed. Kadyn is not medication free and we seen even more seizure control when he was taken off all the medications. How amazing is that!

So anyways. We noticed that Kadyn has stopped growing, even worse he actually has gone down a size in diapers and clothing! This is because Kadyn is getting taller but not gaining weight. So it was decided to put him on the concentrated formula instead of powder.  I notice too that Kadyn's behavior and moods had not been the same. The child who constantly said dada was no longer saying it. This frightened me. I didn't want Kadyn to start regressing. He has come so far!

We received his shipment of formula on Wednesday. Thankfully his insurance covers it all because I could never afford $1200 a month to feed him! Although if I had too I would just so my baby could be seizure free. I'd sell everything I own including this laptop! Anyways. Kadyn loved the new formula and has been gulping it down non stop pretty much. Within the first 24 hours I noticed a huge difference. My talkative, active little man was back. He was rolling, trying to lift his head, moving everywhere and DADADADADADAAAA with some lip pulling was back! How amazing. He drinks a lot of this formula. Which I am hoping he will gain some weight from it. It really scared me when I noticed everything getting to big on him.

Kadyn right now is below the fifth percentile for weight but in the 10th for height. He is small for his age, but I mean, I am 4ft9 and his dad is 5ft5 so really there is no hope for tall kids. (haha) Which I am ok with!

Daddy and Kadyn,  I love how they have the same smirk on their face. :D I think Kadyn is worried how Daddy's complexion makes him look like casper! LOL! They look so much alike in this picture. I thought it was cute! :D Love my boys!