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Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally MRI is scheduled

So after nicely telling the people that Kadyn isn't to see Cardiology until he is 5, and that both his heart conditions have been confirmed as resolved we got Kadyn an appointment. THANK GOODNESS!

So now we wait until Dec 5th to get the MRI. Why is it that I am more nervous about this MRI then anything I have ever been through with him! Possibly because it's something different I guess.

Hopefully this fall into place and everything works out this time. Also have Eye doctor coming up on Nov 16. I have a feeling Kadyn's eye site has gotten bad as sometime he acts like he can't even see. He feels everything out instead of using his eyes. Perhaps he does have some vision loss now, due to his seizure activity he had in the past. We will find out soon I guess! :D


Anonymous said...

i know it has nothing to do wiht this p ost but i didn't think komet was so small
so cute

let me know about the eye dr im sure hes fine he blows thy everything else