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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home bound

We will be setting for home again. I am exhausted and so is Kadyn. Although thankfully the Valium didn't compromise his breathing at all. Neurosurgery said they would hold off on anything unless he has another bad episode, then they would do a shunt series with contrast. (Dye injection) to make sure both catheters are working and that the slight increase of fluid is just from growing. Apparently as a child grows their ventricles can grow too, although with a child who already has enlarged ventricles this sounds a bit odd, but I will go by how Kadyn is acting, and his good mood, talking and kicking around is all the proof I need that his shunt is working, perhaps I don't believe it is working like it should be, with maybe some malfunction happening but not a total malfunction I will let the shunt run it's course and hopefully maybe it will straighten out and work right once again. It's hard to say when Kadyn has two catheters in his head. One could be working which will make the Shunt Valve still refill when pressed with a finger. Kadyn's ventricles have never shown any kind of enlargement during a ct scan. Which is odd. Hopefully Friday's Mri will show a lot of interesting things.