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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recap of my last two weeks.

These past two weeks have been rough for both Kadyn and I. Kadyn was sick all last week, from Monday until Thursday Kadyn was admitted for severe dehydration with no known reason as to why he stopped eating/drinking for so long. Also Christmas, which I love this year was not spent the way I would like to. Between two strong minded families who HAVE to have Christmas on Christmas Eve and some who won't bend the times or even try and work with us so we can spend Christmas Eve with our families as a family makes it hard. Kadyn spent his time with his daddy with his family. I was going to stay a while there but there were too many people and the tension and stress from others was not really my cup of tea especially after the week I just had. So I went to my moms for a less stressful time, plus not as many people/children. It was nice. Christmas morning, once again I was still exhausted from being in the hospital and Harvey and Kadyn went to his moms after we had opened Kadyn's gifts. One top of moving everything out of my room in one day really just tired me out. Not to mention a lot of change for me.

Now today we are back in the hospital. Kadyn had a terrible breakthrough seizure and I even had to call 911. It's been awhile since I have felt the need to call. They gave him Valium and off to the nearest hospital we went. Then from there straight to CHM. The admitted us due to the fact that the Valium took over Kadyn's little body. Shunt Survey looks the same as last week, blood work came out clean. Not wanting to see Neurology because we already have a VMR scheduled for March and a MRI on Friday. OH yay coming back here on Friday. (Boo) Hopefully we won't be admitted for that. We are set to go home tomorrow since he is awake and playing and talkative now. Babbling away and saying the words he knows, touching his feet and trying to chew on the bars of the crib.

Perhaps next week, with the New Year, it will being me more peace. I've been struggling with many things. Try to figure things out, and question many things. I'll get it. I go through this funk every winter. Can't wait for SPRING :D