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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Kadyn is back admitted to the hospital due to severe dehydration. He was so dehydrated that his skin on his face was peeling his lips were dry and he looks horrid. He went down fast. What I though was just the flu/virus that I could over come with giving him poweraid/water and hope the little bit he was in taking was enough to get him through this whole ordeal, was worse than I ever imagined. When they cathed him to try and get a urine sample for cultures he was dry. He gave no pee at all, not even a drop. Once he had a bolus of fluids they cathed him again and he gave 3 maybe 4ccs of urine and that was it. He didn't even pee when they pulled the tube out. They did blood work also and we are waiting those results. Since getting fluids he looks better but still has yet to pee. He still is not eating well, but this also could be from being pumped full of fluids. His color is still a little off but his skin is not dried out anymore and he looks better. He is acting a tad bit better but not much.

Just praying for my lil guy to get better. Anyone is more than welcome to come.


casey said...

Your family will be in my prayers tonight, as you always are. Take comfort in knowing God is in control and that Kadyn will get through this little bump in the road, and be himself in no time.