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Friday, December 16, 2011

Love, the greatest of all

I am just in the mood for a story telling kind of post. My biggest dream is too publish a book one day and since having Kadyn I have wanted to publish a book about being a young teen mom pregnant with a child with many medical issues to come. As far as I have been able to write, i remember that I just love writing, especially when you get that pen that writes oh so good for you and you just want to keep writing with it. I have begun writing my book and I decided to do a background on Harvey and Me back when we first met. I figure we will be a big part of this book and that people may want to know, how we met, when and everything else. I didn't go into too much detail on my paper but I think I will here. I never really introduced myself as anything more than Kadyn's mommy. I guess to me once I became his Mommy, that is all that every really mattered. So I figured I would take the time to kind of introduce Kadyns Mommy and Daddy. I hope ya'll enjoy!

Well let's start with me:

Hi, I am Sara

 I have grown up in Michigan my whole life. Detroit area you can say. I grew up with a close small family, with 2 sisters and 1 brother, my mom and dad, and my grandma on my moms side. I was always very close to my sisters.  I am the youngest. I am 25 now. I was born on Halloween night and I pretty much think I have one of the best birthdays EVER!  I mean I got candy and presents. I thought my mom was lying to me for the longest time when she would tell me it was my birthday. I never really enjoyed being center of attention. Of all things I do not like when people stare at me or anything.

I like to consider my personality to be strong. I am set on my ways allowing little flexibility unless there can be a compromise. I am especially set in my ways of raising Kadyn. I have certain ways of doing things and I guess you can say I sometimes will tell Harvey NO do it this way. Which really, I Know, Should not be happening. Believe me when I say, I am trying to correct that. It's hard.

In school I was slightly below average student. I did just enough to get by, although that landed me in night school three times. Math and I did not get along at all. I tried hard but two teachers just didn't see my struggle with algebra. I finally was able to get into a basic math class in order to graduate on time. But my grades were mostly B's and C's and maybe some D's.

I've grown up in the same house I am living in now. I currently still live with my parents, for now!

It was the middle of the school year just about when I met Harvey. I was 13 years old about to turn 14 in a couple days. Harvey was also 13 years old, but a grade behind me. I met him at his house while hanging out with a mutual friend. Of course Harvey was acting so silly and crazy might I say. Lets just say he was stacking household items in order to flip off them. He also put a football helmet on and was running head first into boards. Oddly the fact that it made me laugh made me like him. It's rather sad. haha

Harvey and I remained close through out high school. We were in ROTC together and ate lunch together. He would talk about his fling of the week, when I really didn't "date" a whole lot in school. I was a tom boy, dressed in baggy jeans and tshirts. Or rather pajama pants with hoodies most the time. One day I finally got the guts to tell him, You know if you weren't dating her I would date you in a heart beat. He got a huge smile and kissed my cheek. But it wasn't until a year later that he finally asked me out! It was homecoming game night when I saw him, it actually had been awhile since I had talked to him. I saw him at the game looking for a friend who was about to get into a fight and Harvey didn't want it to happen. I had to go though, well I was tired of freezing my butt off you can say!

A few days later Harvey called me. He looked my parents number up in the phone book (stalker?) and called me. We started dating Nov 18th 2002. We have had out ups and downs and in and outs. I blame us being young and dumb then, but it has obviously worked out for us!
Home coming 2003 
Valentines dance 2003


I do know a lot about Harvey's background but I will only share minor details as Harvey is more private person as I really don't care what people know about me. I am pretty sure I have told my most embarrassing stories to people without a care.

Harvey grew up in Michigan his whole life, right outside of Detroit of course. He has 3 younger brother. Him being the oldest. Funny how he is the oldest of 4 and I am the youngest of 4. In high school he worked at a corner store to make  few dollars. Harvey was very adventurous and outgoing. The more dangerous the better. He did anything to feel the adrenaline rush. Oh like Sledding off a rooftop into a pile of snow. Oh not the mention the weights set on the front of the sled so it goes faster.

Harvey lived with his grandma most of his high school years. He was an A and B student and kind of helped me get in the right direction with my grades. (Basically no more D's haha)

Since Harvey and I met we have been best friends. Even when we have had break ups we still talked and remained friendly. It's odd that we would never have ill feelings about those things.

Here comes Kadyn:

It was 5 years into our relationship. I was 19 years old when I found out I was pregnant. Scary. I was 20 when I had him. I never thought life could change so much. They say having children changes everything, but having a special needs child changes a lot more. It changes who you are, they way you see things. It changes your out look on life and the biggest change is, he brought me closer to God. Prayers on top of Prayers asking for a healing hand. Asking for the right answers for this child. Not knowing what the future brings for him is the scariest of all. Not knowing if I was going to be bringing a child home, or planning a funeral. It's the worst feeling, having to plan out your babies birth and also possibly plain out his funeral. Thankfully the funeral part never happened. My baby boy is still here and growing strong. Everyday he never seizes to amaze me. With his words, actions, and smile everything is bitter sweet and I hold it all in. Every moment more cherished than the ones i would of spent with a non special needs child. Not knowing when God will call Kadyn home makes me cherish every moment. 1000's of pictures, im sorry, 10s of thousands of pictures all on a hard drive, never to miss a moment. Everything I cherish. I actually finally just let go of Kadyn's old baby clothes. I gave them to someone who needed them. It hurt me to let them go but, I really didn't need them.

I really think through having Kadyn, it has strengthen my relationship with Harvey while making me a better person. Sometimes this life can be stressful, and sometimes I just feel it's not fair to Kadyn, but when I see him smile and I hear his laugh and hear him say Da Da or MAAA, It all seems fair that I chose to give him life then sit here and wonder....what if. Kadyn belongs here, God has a special plan for him. He brought Kadyn to me for a reason.

I honestly could not ask for a better life! :D


LCarvalho said...

Big post, worth reading though. (: Hey you forgot to mention that Harvey is a big fan of AC/DC!! (well he seems to, you can tell it by his t-shirts) Did you notice in the first picture you're looking A LOT like Kadyn? That's great!! :D

LCarvalho said...

ohh and about the book, how much shipping to Brazil costs?? And when will it be realesed?

Auntdoedoe said...

Hi Sara- My name is Robyn and I have followed your blog for a while (my nephew was a preemie and I ran into your videos and blog when I was looking up stuff and babies and hospitals, etc.) You all are adorable. I love to check in on how you are doing. Would you mind emailing me.. I have a question?

Kristen said...

This is great! It's enjoyable learning more about you and your family.

Sara said...

Hi Sara! I have also been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and this post is the one that made me want to comment :) (I somehow got here originally from Kristen's Cayman blog, and I have no clue how I'd gotten there... but it has been inspiring reading and lovely watching the kids grow and learn. Best wishes for a great holiday season from California!