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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not a Morning Person

Kadyn has some silly sleeping positions. I normally will move him into what, I would think is more comfortable. You know instead of this:

I will move him to lay flat and straight. This normally lasts for maybe an hour and then when I go to check on his again he is like :

You know the same thing but opposite side. Is there really any point of me moving him if he is just going to move back to his old sleeping position? This is the reason I keep Kadyn in footed fleece pajamas. They will keep him warm even if his blankey isn't on him all the way. Kadyn tends to lose his blankets in the middle of the night, or he ends up on top of them. He obviously moves a lot in his sleep, just like his mama does.

I think some of Kadyn's sleeping habits are rubbing off. I mean :

You See He is rubbing off on the animals. I think they are learning from the best!!!

Kadyn has not been to school since Friday. This is because he was suppose to have an MRI on Monday but sadly my alarm clock thought otherwise. I normally use my smart touchscreen phone, but I think I have learned that if I touch it while asleep I can turn my phone off or what not if the alarm starts going off. So this encouraged me to go out and buy a new alarm clock. You know a real one that you put on your table beside your bed, except I don't have a table beside my bed. I have a wall and then Kadyn's crib. So I sleep with an alarm clock. Oh I can Charge my phone with my USB cable on this clock too. Win win! Anyways. SO he had Monday and Tuesday off for extra time to heal from being sedated. Now I could of called and said he was going to be there but I decided that I would give him the time off. I wanted to see if he would remember going in his chair means going to school. I woke him up. Got him dressed and he wasn't too happy. Although I got a little smile while he was rubbing his eye.

I did his hair, brushed his teeth, and changed his diaper. Got his dressed in this super cute snowman outfit. Waited a little bit while he calmed from being upset. Then put his coat on. Here is when his mood changed. Unsure at first, thinking, knowing that this means something. Then into the chair he goes and I got an instant smile. I start buckling him into his seat and he starts getting happier Silence falls over him though since it is a bit early to be loud. Not that it's stopped him before. He was happy. He knows this means the bus is going to come for him and one of two things are going to happen. He will stay awake but quiet the whole bus ride or he will fall asleep. With that said, here is his smiling face. 

Is it me or does the bottom picture make his face look chubby. :D I LOVE IT! Back to school he goes. 

Oh and btw, we are still waiting for the bus to get him. Should be here any minute now :D


Liny said...

Bonjour, je ne sais hélas pas parlé anglais, mais quel merveilleux petit garçon pleins de joie de vivre :)

j'ai lu le blog et vu les video sur you tube

Il est tellement mignon :)

Gros bisous de Belgique pour lui