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Monday, December 5, 2011

Pics or It Didn't Happen

For the last few days of School Kadyn's teacher has insisted that Kadyn's been holding his head up on his hands and knees and also trying to push himself into the sitting position. The only thing I would say is THATS WONDERFUL, although since he hasn't done that in 3 years I thought, Pictures or it didn't happen! Well today I was getting Kadyn ready to get him into his Jammies and was texting at the same time. (opps) Don't text and dress your kids? (haha) well it was good because I had it handy to take pictures of what would change my whole mind about the teacher telling me Kadyn is trying to hold his head up.

Pictures or it didn't happen right?

Yup it happened alright, and it looks like he was determined to hold his head up there for awhile. He held it up long enough for me to get the two pictures and take a small video.

Oh pictures and video, that seems to be more than enough proof. Not to mention I did pretty much flood FB with this, but that is ok. I am so excited. I also flooded a few peoples phones with the pictures and video. I waited 3 years to see this again, so yeah I'm pretty excited!!! :D