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Friday, December 2, 2011

Last School day Until Wednesday

I just put Kadyn on the bus. (like his hat?) Today is his last day until Wednesday. I think he is going to be sad, but he had an MRI on Monday and it's 24 hours before he can return to school. Even if it wasn't I want him to have an extra day to recover from it. He gets so excited when he gets into his chair now. He knows he is going to be on that bus and off to school to play with his friends. I think he enjoys the bus ride more. The bounciness of the ride and the noise the bus makes. I know I feel bad for my neighbors at 6:30am when they hear the bus. Although maybe most are up getting ready for work, or they sleep through it. Maybe it's a welcoming alarm clock to those waking up late. I really do not know. Either way Kadyn getting on the bus is exciting yet sad. He gets to go to a place where, everyone else is JUST like him. He gets to be around children who are pretty much physically going through the same things as Kadyn. It make my heart feel good knowing Kadyn is in a place where he can learn and also be with children. I worry about germs, I have sent Lysol wipes, and I even made sure they were the ones that said kills cold and flu germs. Yup, I am that crazy mom. I worry Kadyn maybe sick more this year, but I will take it if he is progressing physically and mentally. The fact is when they told me that Kadyn was Severely Multiply Impaired, it hurt my heart almost as bad when I first found out his condition. I knew Kadyn was delayed since he doesn't sit up or anything, but I never thought he was THAT delayed. I had to then remind myself that this isn't the worst, and actually that part was over about 5 years ago around this time when he was diagnosed with the Hydrocephalus. I had to keep my composure together and just embrace that Kadyn is the happiest child I could ever ask for, and now that he has been going to school, his personality surely has blossomed again. He is happy and he loves the break away from the everyday routine of being here with me. I think he enjoys watching the children and he also enjoys the teachers voice. She has such a sweet welcoming voice and she can sing beautifully to the children, and I give her props for singing in front of me to the children. I didn't hear a sound of nervousness in her voice at all. It was beautiful. I hope to one day be able to go and stay with Kadyn for awhile and take pictures. It's hard since I am baby sitting. The hardest part about school was learning to let go. Learning to trust complete strangers to make sure my prince gets to school and back. The bus drivers are amazing. They always say HI to Kadyn first and then Good Morning to me. They compliment how good he is on the bus (oh wait until Kadyn has a bad day hehe) and they tell me they have never had a child that is so quiet on the bus. (I really think they have him mixed up with someone else hehe) The bus driver and his helper in the afternoon when dropping Kadyn off always talk to me and carry on a conversation about the weather or what not. The lift takes a minute to get down and so it's nice that they just start talking about anything until Kadyn is down on the ground in his chair. He is truly taken care of.

Next weekend Kadyn is getting Christmas pictures taken! :D How amazing huh! This year I received a coupon in the mail from Sears for a free portrait season and $30 in photos for  FREE! I also have a coupon for a Free Wall Portrait and I am hoping I can use both coupons, If not I will reschedule to have his pictures taken again just for the wall portrait! What! It'll look good in my house!! LOL