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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quick update

My freinds, family. Update not so good. Although Kadyn is hydrated now, he is not eating. He may take 3-4 ounces here and there but no where near the amount he should be. He at 3 ounces at 8am this morning, 2 ounces at about noon and is just now eating a little bit again. He seems out of it, weak and tired. Perhaps it's the virus that has run rapid through his poor little fragile body. I am unsure of this. The doctors want to send him home tomorrow and I am debating if I should take him and see if he eats better, I mean I know how to get right back here, easily, or if I should try and wait until he is eating a little bit better. My biggest fear is him becoming dehydrated again. He was so bad by the time I got him here. It was horrid.

He will have bursts of energy and then he will just lay there tossing his head back and forth like he just "isn't there". I miss my little fireball. The Kadyn who would randomly yell, or say words LOUD so he can hear himself. Or How about when Kadyn yells super loud and then laughs. I miss that. It's hard to imagine him so quiet all the sudden, but he is.  It seems so....eerie.

But I am thankful that whatever is running his body down, I am sure will take it's course and he will be better again.

There is not anything that can stop my little Kadyn. He is superman. No I am serious, he is.  :D


Sue Z said...

I hope that Kadyn continues to improve. I know that it's scary having a sick child but when he's quiet, his body is resting and getting well. Keep praying for little man!