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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Falling Asleep my Handsome Prince

Watching him fall asleep is so amazing. His eyes opening while shutting slowly then opening again. Afraid to miss something, yet too tired to stay awake. Soon you'll be off to sleep and dreaming about a better day tomorrow, for tomorrow is a big day for us. We get to go home, and by home I mean to our NEW home. Yup tomorrow is moving day for us. While daddy takes the inspector around to show all his hard work, we will be signing paper work to get out of here. I will be taking loads of toys/blankets that we have gotten from all the wonderful staff here to the car, while we await IV team to take your IV out.


I didn't notice it was 2am! We will be headed home today actually. Moving day is today! We will get to wake up Christmas morning and open the gifts that Santa made you. We will open them in OUR home.  I went out yesterday and bought our first tree. It may not be the best tree, but what it stands for is all that matters.

Charlie Brown anyone?

It just needs a little love.

Which is exactly what our home needed, and what Kadyn needs. A little love, and time and his body will heal. How severely he was dehydrated, many things in his little body could of shut down. Thank God they didn't Kadyn was going down fast and the TWO iv's saved his life. That fluid going into your veins, saved his life. I will forever be thankful for telling myself, "Who cares if he is acting happy, the child has not peed!!" I'm going to call this Kadyn's Christmas visit. This way, my handsome prince is home for the holidays. 

Although home will be wherever he is, whether he is here in the hospital or at our home, where ever Kadyn goes, I shall follow and call that home, because home is where the love is, and the love is here with Kadyn. 

Christmas would of waited for Kadyn to come home. Christmas might wait until Kadyn is better. I may not take him out to families this year. Perhaps they all shall understand that Kadyn's health comes before anything. Christmas can always happen another day, as I can take back when Kadyn isn't feeling good. It is going to happen no matter what.

His eyes are closed and he is fast asleep. Vitals in 2 hours and home by 12pm, I hope. 

Goodnight World :D


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kadyn is feeling better, and you get to move to your new home right before Christmas. How exciting! Take care of that little munkin - I love seeing photos of him.

Jan H.

KimN said...

Just ran across your blog, Kadyn is beautiful! I have a 2.5 year old daughter with hydrocephalus as well. Also, we live in Michigan too (just east of Detroit). Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...