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Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Hospital stay

Kadyn was admitted back into the hospital on Wednesday for Dehydration. His blood work this time actually confirmed his dehydration and we found out that he was very acidic. He is in what is called Keto acidosis. Which needs to be corrected as this can be pretty bad for ones body. They are correcting this by changing his formula ratio from 4:1 to 3:1. Which means I'll have to go back to measuring, weighing and mixing. It shouldn't be so bad. We were discharged though Friday afternoon :D

Other than that this hospital stay has been quite nice, we got to meet two Baseball players from the Tigers and we took pictures with them. One had a very handsome smile, and I'll never forget how goofy he was. What amazed me the most, is they SHOOK my hand, as in the reached out first to shake hands. They seemed like regular everyday people, just doing what they love to do the most, to care for their families. It was really nice of them to take the time out to see the children and their families there.

We also played BINGO. Kadyn won three times!!! How amazing. He won all three times. He won a Mr. Potato head, a Mickey Mouse draw pad and a Doctor's Kit. He won some really nice prizes. The guy called the "numbers" they were actually pictures of different things that pertain the the letters B I N G O, was super goofy. He would make the silliest jokes and he made it all the more interesting.

Thankfully being in the hospital has not stopped Kadyn from doing what he does best!

I'll post Pictures of Us with the baseball players another day :D