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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Return of the Ear infection

I was looking over my son's body as I do every night. I check for any kind of rash, bumps, bruises, record them and why he has them if I know ect. I'm crazy, kinda looney like that. I like to know any kind of change with him and record it. As I was looking in Kadyn's ear I notice some dark brownish/dry blood looking stuff, and I though ok, Kadyn likes to dig in his ears and I have not cut his nails in a little while, so maybe he cut his ears. On further investigation I noticed he had is inside his ear and it's smelt horrid. I knew what this ment. Ear infection. What worried me the most was the darkness of the discharge and the blood in it, so I called ENT that morning. I had explained that Kadyn's ear had a dark discharge and blood in it, and smelt bad, she said ahh probably an ear infection, I was like yes, does he have to be seen and she said we would like to see him. So she says how about Tuesday next week, and I thought no, he is not going to suffer that long. So I had just said, You want him to bleed and discharge plus suffer that long, so then she bumped it to Thursday, and I said No, he is either seen TODAY, possibly tomorrow (Tuesday or Wednesday) or I will just take him to the ER.

Thankfully as I was unpacking I found Kadyn's unopened bottle of antibiotic ear drops and I started those. His ear is already looking better so I think I am just going to keep him home, on those and Tylenol. His ear in just one day does not have the drainage anymore, so he responded very well to those. It just amazes me how long these doctors want the children to suffer when they have an ear infection. Don't they know I have a child with  a shunt, and I have heard of when an infection in the body has lead into a shunt infection, so I don't mess around. He needed antibiotics right then and there, and thankfully I had them.  So I think I will just make an appointment with his Pediatrician and get him checked out. I think once this ear infection is cleared Kadyn's balance when he sits up will get better.

He never stops amazing me. His progress has just been moving along so quickly that I feel like I don't have time to stop and savor every milestone that he is hitting. 2 mile stones within 3 weeks? Are you kidding me? I mean I waited 4 years for this!! 4 years to see my son do anything other than rolling. It amazes me what 3 weeks of school did and what Physical therapy outside of school could no do. It just goes to show, if we do things on Kadyn's terms, and give him a little help he will and CAN do these things.

I am a proud mama!!!


charmine. said...

Glad it cleared up and he's better.You deserve to feel proud as Kadyn turns each milestone and progresses.