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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sitting here

So here I sit entertaining a 1 year old with dogs behind a baby gate. It's actually been entertaining her for about 10 minutes now. I never thought that would happen. Her attempts to free them is so very funny for me. I just cleaned the living room as we are getting our furniture today. Not to mention today is judgement day for Harvey's job. Yesterday he was told he was being removed from the site he was working at (he is a Security Guard) but she did not inform him to bring in his uniform or anything, so we are hoping he is just being moved to another site, although the only down fall with this is risk of getting a pay cut, but it's better than no job right? I try to distract my mind from negative thoughts seeing as we are new house owners but I can't help it. I'm scared for my family.

The one year old has now found the clothes shoot and is throwing toys down it. Yet I feel this is ok because all the toys will be in a pile in a basket downstairs....less to clean up and she is entertained. Behaving not crying or screaming. It's close to nap time, but I'll let her stay up longer, napping around the time the furniture arrives seems more ideal.

Kadyn is in his big boy bed. He loves it. He lays in it playing in it with no fear of falling out from this mama. Although Kadyn is not in the best of moods today, he seems calmer in his bed. So after getting him dressed for the day, I put him back. I think he wants to go to school, but this can not happen until Monday.

Perhaps a better update on things with pictures tomorrow. I have yet to upload but I plan on taking pictures of the house when Furniture is here. Right now I need to invision where the furniture is going to go.


Kristen said...

Getting new furniture and arranging it is so much fun! I hope the fears your family feels today will not come to be and home sweet home will stay sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to write you something, I dont know what really but I just think you´re great mom! My daughter also has a shunt and is now in the hospital because she had a very bad headache last night.. (Sorry for my spelling, I´m writing from Sweden and it´s been a while since I went to english class.. :D) I´m at home and my husband is in the hospital with her, I´m sitting in front of the computer watching youtube and found your videos. My daughter did´nt have hydro from birth but got it after a couple of weeks. She is now four years old and is full of life, no one can tell she has it. I sometimes forget how important it is to let people know about this condition, thats why I really look up to you. I think you are very brave! =) I´m gonna start by writing something on facebook I think! So all my friends can learn about it. =)

Hope you´ll get your new furniture soon!

//Linda from Sweden =)