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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catching up, for real this time

Christmas Eve at Harvey's Grandmas!

First Christmas in Our Home!!! :D

Kadyns New Trick! :D

Kadyn's New Big Boy Bed

This is going in his book titled "When I get married mommy will show this to my wife"

Everything is great. Kadyn has remained happy and healthy. I have yet to get Kadyn's MRI results, but I see it as, if they saw something of importance, they would tell me. I will get the report in Feb when I go for a follow up. Also the 3lbs Kadyn had lost during his stay at the hospital, he has regained and then some. I have lost 5lbs since moving (YAY) Our house is really coming together. Soon I will take pictures of it all finished and done. I have three shelves that I want to paint. My kitchen is finally in order though, no more tools are anything scattered across the counter. Bathroom is almost done. Kadyn's room I want to buy him a Peg Board, so he can hang his coat and Backpack on it. I want to find that soon, but no big hurry. Our bed needs to come up off the floor, not to mention our room is a mess because everything is piled in there. 

Kadyn is in school now. I have been taking him since we moved, and I think I like it better. I may just keep taking him back and forth instead of using the bus. I'll see how Harvey feels about that too. It's a nice 20 minute drive to his school, but it's fun to hear his excitement all the way there. 


Colette said...

Great photos....looked a lovely Christmas for you and I'm sure you enjoyed your 1st Christmas together in your new homes ... congratulatins!! :) Oh and how tall is Kayden..he looks so long and is growing up into a lovely wee boy, and his new, way to go Kayden, well done and keep it up!! :)

Colette said...


Jennifer said...

Go Kayden go!