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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teacher Report for 30 day IEP

This Report is being written in preparation for Kadyn's 30day/annual IEP. Kadyn is a pleasant 4 year old youngster. He is happy and smiles and is very content in the classroom. He was attending school half day in the morning from 11/18/11 through 12/23/2011. His parents would like him to attend full day of school beginning 1/9/2012. Kadyn has adapted well to the classroom and staff in a short period of time.

Perceptual/Finer Motor:
Kadyn responds to different light intensities but doesn't yet follow a moving object horizontally and vertically. He will grasp for objects and reached for dangling objects. He can finger his own hands in mid line, reach for a cube, and he will transfer a toy from right hand to left hand. Given a pegboard with large pegs , he was able to pull out 2 pegs. Kadyn did not use a pincer grasp to pick up small items. He does not yet poke with an isolated finger.

Kadyn will bring his hands to his mouth. He mouths objects, shakes a rattle and will look at the object he is holding. He did not track an object or attain a partially hidden object. Kadyn will uncover his face when a cloth is placed on it. He is able to rotate his bottle and independently drinks his formula from his bottle. He will look at an object that makes noise and smiles.

Kadyn vocalizes and says Mama and Dada. His mother reports he has other "true words" he says. She reported recently that he is trying to say "Santa". At this time, we have not yet heard them in the classroom. He vocalizes when talked to or sung to. He will localize a sound source, and orients to his spoken name. He will smile if staff calls him by name, or talks with him about his mama and daddy. He will occasionally person on a verbal cue. Kadyn will cry when hungry., unhappy or physically held/manipulated. Almost all of the time in the classroom he is happy and smiling.

Kadyn enjoys being around people. He will roll to be near other children and is comfortable if they move to be close to him. He is beginning to enjoy to classroom routines. Kadyn does not like to be held and squirms and cries if Staff hole and rock him, or sit behind him to work on a task. This is possibly due to sensory issues and will be addressed with the occupational therapist. (His mother reports that he reacts in the same way at home.)

If Kadyn is seated in a chair or his stroller, he enjoys the social interactions best. Kadyn does not demonstrate separation anxiety, and works well with all staff. He laughs and smiles during playtime activities and appears to enjoy soft music. He smiles at a mirror image and pat a cake games. He is able to leave the contact of a familiar person and does not cry when moved from the classroom to the hallway or other rooms. He appears to enjoy moving around in his stroller in the school hallways. Kadyn is able to entertain himself and play alone with his favorite toys.

Self Care:

Kadyn is dependent on an adult to meet all of his self care needs. He is on a liquid ketogenic diet and drinks the formula from a bottle independently. He received nothing by mouth at school. Therefore. feeding skills are not evaluated at this time. Kadyn is not toilet trained and wears diapers. He will passively cooperate with dressing skills and diapering activities. Kadyn cannot yet indicate when he is soiled and does not fuss to be changed.

Gross Motor:
Please refer to OT/PT evaluations and reports. In the classroom, Kadyn prefers to lay down. He does not sit up independently at the present time. He will roll from side to side. This week he has begun to independently get up into a 4 point position. He will tolerate being prone over a wedge or boppy pillow for a short period of time. In supported sitting for the brief amount of time he will tolerate it, Kadyn will manipulate and play with musical toys. His head remains erect when in a sitting position, although he does no like to be held for a long period of time, he is beginning to tolerate it for 30-40 seconds before fussing.

Based on my informal assessment and classroom observations, I would recommend the following goals be included in Kadyn's IEP for the 2012 school year:

1. Kadyn will explore objects/toys in his environment with prompts.
2.Kadyn will show interest in and attend to group learning activities with prompts.
3. Kadyn will attend to and show interest in a play activity with prompts, facilitated by an adult.
4. Kadyn will tolerate being held/touched for up to one minute during work/playtime activities.
5. Kadyn will explore sensory experience by touching items of different textures, temperatures and compositions.



charmine. said...

Very glad to see him go to school and get this report...looking good:D Thanks be to God!