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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Work in progress

I haven't had much time to blog lately. Between cleaning my home, taking Kadyn back and forth to school and decorating my home, it's been rough. The dining area is pretty much done. So here is a sneak peak at the decor that is through out, or going to be through out the house. I want to do a digital tour of the house again once it is all finished, which maybe a little while.

But here is my Dining area:

It's a cell phone picture too, but I'll be using my normal camera once I get everything the way I want it.

Tomorrow Kadyn has a doctors appointment. Hopefully it goes by quickly. I am already sad that he has to miss school because of it, but it's one day and I think he will be ok.

Kadyn has been doing great though. It seems whatever was causing him to be so sick has finally left his body. Also I paid for his new medication to be delivered here and when he starts that, his body will do better on this diet. It seems the diet has finally take it's toll on his body acid wise, but we will fight against it to keep his seizure control. Going back to the life of the every day seizures is not where we want to be at all. We knew the risks of this diet but they for sure did not out weigh the benefits of some day being seizure free. Since Kadyn's been having less seizures he seems to be hitting more milestones. All though this week he kind of stopped sitting up a bit and I am hoping it's the weather, or perhaps he is just taking a break. I have no idea. I can only pray he will begin to try again.

Thursday I have orientation for my new job. I am pretty excited to be back in the work field, since it's been like 4 years since I have had a "real" job. Babysitting was fun, I really enjoyed Alexa but it is time for something new, something that makes a bit more money and still does not take away from my time with Kadyn. Tax time will be more exciting for me now also.

Life is GOOD :D