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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Detroit Tigers

The last time Kadyn was admitted to the hospital, we were there at a good time to meet two Detroit Tigers players. I honestly do not follow baseball, nor do I follow any sport really, but it was a nice opportunity to meet two baseball players. Not to mention they were pretty goofy, but they were funny.

If anyone can tell me their names it would be awesome. But seriously the tell one with the huge smile...cutie! :D (hehe)


Tiffany said...

The one on the right is Pitcher, Matt Hoffman. The one on the left I believe is Pitcher, Doug Fister, he actually is in a video where he speaks about the visit to the hospital. Very nice pic!! ;)

Sara said...

Tiffany, thank you, I am going to write that down so I remember :D. They were super nice to meet and kinda geeky. It was sooo funny! :D