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Monday, February 6, 2012

Kadyn vs Hydrocephlaus

I would never wish this condition on my enemy, not that I have any. It's such a hard guessing game and a roller coaster. Or even a strategic game where you have to contemplate your next move. Knowing that my decision to take him to the ER or wait for an office visit in the morning could effect my son in so many ways. Yet everything is pointing to NSG office visit WHY? He is not seizing. The way he has been acting, all the signs are here if you slowly put them together. He has not been eating well, he has not been very talkative, he blinks his eyes a lot, like he has having headaches, I am pretty sure they are headaches. He has been super moody at home and even in school and he loves school! He stares off like he isn't even here and he constantly wants to be touched by either Harvey and I. Kadyn hardly ever wants this. Then he will have little bursts of energy like, everything is ok. He is sleeping a lot more and I just need to know. Subjecting him to more radiation seems a far less of a worry when it comes to easing my mind on Kadyn's life saving device in his brain. You also bet that I am going to make sure they do a shunt tap, because that is really the only way they can for sure tell, as most the time, Kadyn's ventricles do no increase in size. I would be surprised if they did increase. I hardly see Kadyn smile anymore, and I just want my son back. I KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG and this is more than viral. He isn't congested, coughing or anything that would make me think flu or virus. 

I will update after we go to see his NSG. 


KimN said...

How did the appointment go?