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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sorry I have been MIA!

Hi! *waves*. Sorry I have no been blogging a lot lately. I have hardly even been at my computer. Busy trying to start my new job, taking Kadyn to and from school, on top of cooking dinner and keep my house clean, laundry and what not I have hardly had any time for myself. I am hoping to get back into blogging here soon!

Kadyn has been doing great since starting his Cytra-3. He seems happier and he is sitting up more again. I am pretty sure he is feeling a lot better by now. He sits up so much faster now. He just rolls over and he goes up. It's so amazing to watch! He has come so far from last month that it just keeps getting better and better. I love watching him trying to do so many new things.

He is still going to school. He still loves it. I take him everyday and pick him up. He gets excited when I get him from school. I think after 6 hours of it, he is over it quickly and wants to go home to lay in his bed to nap, or just be home. I can't blame him either way.

Today is Valentines Day. We are all going to dinner today. Kadyn, Harvey and I. We are using a gift card that we got from Harvey's grandma for Christmas to go to dinner. Which will be nice. Even if Kadyn does not want to be there. I will make the best of it! :D

Well I better get ready to go get Kadyn from school now.


AngieDee said...

Hi Sara... I stumbled onto your blog a few years back and have been reading along ever since. What a journey girl!! I just had to say how much I admire your strength and determination. Kadyn is a lucky boy to have such a devoted mom. Keep enjoying the simple things. Hugs from Angie