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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kadyn has a seizure

Last week, Kadyn had a bad seizure. I would probably rate this seizure as one of his worst ever. The worst part was I was napping, and I woke up to my Sheltie barking and barking. I hear Kadyn gasping for air and of course run to his room when I see him in a full blow grand mal (tonic clonic) seizure. I grab him out of bed and notice he had vomited everywhere, so I take his clothes off and noticed that he lost control of his bowls also. So I cleaned him up because I knew the EMS would want to give him Rectal Valium. So I called 911, which they were amazing and she was already knew that I knew what to do, but she had to read off her list to me anyways. Ems showed up and they listened to what I wanted. Try one dosage of valuim, if he comes out of the seizure take the drive to Children's, if not Off to the closet hospital (which is 3 blocks away from me) Since Valium and other seizure stopping medication suppresses Kadyn's breathing it was decided that even though they were allowed to give a second dosage that we would just go straight to the nearest hospital because Kadyn wasn't showing any signs of stopping. So, off we went. They were able to get Kadyn out of his seizure after a dosage of Ativan. Then he stopped and passed right out. The local ER got Kadyn stabilized enough to take another ambulance ride to Children's. Once we got to Children's we realized Kadyn had a temp of 101.2 and he was also having breathing issues. They tried some blow by Oxygen first and it helped a lot. Once he was settled we were admitted. Just to see Neurology in the morning to figure something out for when Kadyn is sick. I was thankful that they listened to me this time. There were a few bumps with medication issues but when everything was said and done all parties were happy. Kadyn is going to be on a seizure medication only when he is sick or has a fever. To  help control the seizures more so then. Also since the fact that Kadyn can not come out of a seizure with just diastat after waiting to appropriate time. We are advised to give the medication as soon as the seizure starts happening and not wait the three minutes.

He is feeling much better after the seizure and we were able to go home the next day. I was thankful. We were exhausted and had a long day and night. He has done wonderful since being home and you can't even tell that he ever had a seizure. You couldn't tell that night. He woke up and started playing like nothing ever happened.

I have an obsession with cross stitching. I am currently working on a secret project that will not be released until finished/person has project in hand. It's a secret :D But One I worked on for my Living area, Going to frame it and make it all nice I finished while being in the hospital with Kadyn. 
I really love it and I put a lot of hard work into it. Since I do it all by hand, but of course you have to when you cross stitch. :D I am really proud of it and I hope I figure out exactly how I want to go about framing this wonderful piece. I need a sewing machine which I think after paying off my dogs neuter today, I'll save for an awesome sewing machine. Then I can make Kadyn some cool things. Oh How I love being a mommy. 


Gretchen said...

So sorry for such a scare! He's so cute under the table!

Anonymous said...

That sheltie is a life saver! Glad Kadyn is doing better.

Jan H