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Friday, April 6, 2012

Update! :D

Kadyn has been dealing with a cold the past few days but is feeling a lot better. I can't be too upset because he really has been rather healthy this past winter. I guess that is why there has been a lack in blogs. I mean really what can I say? Kadyn is loving school, he is healthy and doing amazing. His forehead bruises are still hanging around because he loves sitting up and I can't always be there to catch him. Some cleaning has to be done!

 Kadyn and his best friend Comet. Comet always greets Kadyn when I bring him home from school with kisses, whines and barks. This dog absolutely loves Kadyn and has not left his side, until I make him of course since Kadyn's been sick. He is an amazing dog.
Here is Kadyn, sitting up, he ate a 1/2 jar of baby food today. This is a total accomplishment. We are getting close to getting Kadyn eating solids and this is exciting.

 Kadyn had his cousins birthday party at a bounce house. This was the aftermath. Hehe :D
 He also got to see the Easter Bunny at school. I hear, that Kadyn was cracking up and laughing at the bunny, but when they tried to get a picture he would look away lol!
 It was spirit week and the classrooms each have a color. Kadyns classroom color happened to be pink. So I wanted him to participate, so I made him this shirt :D
Kadyn made a lot of Easter projects in school. This is one of them. Made with Pudding.
 Korona a couple weeks ago, got out of the yard and took off. Thanks to the local dog wash they helped me find her. She was glad to be home. She was also bathed for us too. How wonderful.
Here is Komet, with out visitor Kielo. Kielo is a dog I bought for Harvey Valentines Day of 2004. When he left for Army and what not, his grandma grew attached to her and ended up keeping her. We watch her here and there, and it's nice.
I recently cut my hair. I love it. It's easy and fun. Bangs were something I wanted to try out, I like them, but they are hard to get used to. I am constantly shaking them out of my eyes!

Kadyn is on spring break for the week. He is going to be so sad not going to school. He loves it. He is doing so much more now. Starting to eat more, sit up and just happier. I love it!


Nayara Magalhães said...

Hey Mommy!
I love your hair! you are so beautifull...