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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kadyn VS Pain

We seem to be having an issue with pain for Kadyn. It seems like he is in more pain now that he is home than when he was in the hospital. His fever has spiked up to 100.3 and he seems to be quite moody. I've tried everything to help him, motrin, tylenol, advil. Nothing seems to give him a little bit of relief.

His ear has cleared up a lot and it does not seem to stink anymore. His tubes have fallen out  of his ears so that could be the reason for this infection. I truly hope it does not happen again.

So I am hoping his fever goes down and that we can continue on the right path. It's so hard not to worry about shunt infection when he has had many of them.


Michelle said...

i have a shunt as well, plus a genetic disorder where i get a migraine DAILY (literally - and an actual migraine, not just a headache). does Kadyn not have prescription pain medication? i understand the need to hold off on the heavy stuff, especially the younger you are, but this isn't a little headache or a sore throat, i've had pain with my pressures due to a broken shunt that literally made me pray i'd just die. in the hospital i would BEG to be put to sleep to the point that they just put a breathing tube in so they could load me up on medications.

praying for relief for your boy...

KajnBlonde said...

I am so glad you posted what was going on with Kadyn. I was concerned since there wasn't any postings. I will continue to pray for Kadyn.

Mary Easley

Maria from Spain said...

Hey Sara, I've been catching up with Kadyn's old posts. Love the dogs. Reading about the seizure he had in April made me think of an article I read in the New York Times about service dogs trained for seizure alerts. There're non profits that train the dogs. I'm pretty sure Kadyn would qualify and Komet would be an excellent service dog. Shelties are very intelligent !!. Check it on internet in case you're interested. Hope Kadyn is doing better. Will pray for him. :)