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Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Kadyn

5 years ago today I was blessed with the most precious gift anyone could ask for. I was blessed with another life!

Although not born perfect in societies eyes, he was born more than perfect in my eyes. 

Although the past 5 years have been a roller coaster ride with medical issues, hospital stays, surgeries, scares, questions and worries. It's been more the worth it. For all those doctors who told me he wouldn't make it past birth, and then gave him a year. Well here he is still breathing, moving, talking, laughing, playing 5 years later. Talk about defying the odds huh? 

From the first time you came home, I knew this would be a challenge, but My Dear Kadyn you brought me close to some amazing people. I have a bunch of amazing friends, who are more like family. These people have helped me in so many ways, as you did baby boy!.
5 is a big number sweetie. That means you are for sure no longer a baby, and you are no longer a toddler, but with all this if there is one thing you shall remember. Although you have hydrocephalus and epilepsy, these conditions do not have you. We have fought past all of these and we have won my love. YOU HAVE WON.
Remember Mommy and Daddy love everything about you. You have the best personality ever. You're so happy no matter what. You're smile gives nobody a choice but to smile too. Knowing what you've been through and what may lie ahead, you're the happiest little boy I know!

Happy 5th birthday my love! :D


Kristen said...

Happy birthday to your miracle Kadyn!

Maria from Spain said...

Happy belated birthday Kadyn!!. Wish you a life full of happiness sorrounded by your parents and all the family and friends that love you. God bless you sweet Kadyn!!. Tons of kisses from Spain :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Kadyn.