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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hopefully going home


Today we are suppose to head home from the hospital. As long as Kadyn is eating better now that his Iv is totally turned down. I am pretty sure he will.  A boost of fluids, some attention from nurses and doctors is all he needed. I am hoping things will turn around, if not we will start looking at the Ketogenic diet and how it maybe affecting him now. He possibly may not want to drink the formula anymore. Perhaps a slight ween off the diet and jumping into getting him drinking something else. Like back on Pediasure. We will talk about this at a later time I am sure. Kadyn is currently sleeping. After being up all night, he is asleep. I did not sleep good last night at all. Trying to keep Kadyn quiet and not be kicking his bed. I pretty much was telling him No, and Stop all night, but unfortunately, these words he does not understand. I have no clue other than stopping him from doing the action and firmly stating no, how else am I suppose to teach him? It's obvious his brain wants to learn, but I think the word no isn't something it cares to learn about :).

Kadyn has a student nurse today. Kadyn's hospital he goes to is also a teaching hospital. The nurse is so confused on what to do. I feel sorry for the guy, but it brings what little entertainment this hospital offers. I don't mind a student nurse. As long as Kadyn is not on an EVD, I don't mind student nurses taking care of him. But an EVD is a huge responsibility and we have had bad circumstances with student nurses vs the EVD.