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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Epilepsy: Kadyn's Biggest Battle

All throughout my pregnancy, I swore up and down that the Hydrocephalus would be Kadyn's biggest struggle, but Epilepsy has proven me wrong. Kadyn's seizures seem to be returning and getting worse. It seems like he is having really bad one every 3 months or so, which to some that may not be so bad, but when your child went almost a year without them it seems terrible in my eyes. Kadyn had another seizure this morning. He threw up some blacking brown stuff and just seized away. I rushed him to the hospital, which were I live it's quicker to just take him yourself. Ambulances are not that reliable to get to my house in time. So I ran with him in my arms to the ER, into the trauma bay where they were able to stop his seizure. Since 12pm he has been sleeping. He wakes up here and there to toss and turn, but is very uncomfortable. His right arm and leg keeps getting super stiff and he can not move it very well. Once in awhile he is able to bend it but then it gets stuck in that position. There is nothing to be done tonight, I'll follow through with everyone in the morning who is following him. We did all the shunt work ups and everything seems fine, we also did blood work and his white cell count was elevate, (about 13) He is on antibiotics, but you can tell he is not comfortable He is not himself. He keeps tossing and turning and is not talking at all. I miss my Kadyn. I hope tomorrow brings better news from me.

Epilepsy is not going to win!!! I won't let it!!!


casey said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through this. You are in my prayers, and I pray that you find some rest and peace during this difficult time.