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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Terrible Blogger am I?

I know, I go far between blog posts, but now that I am working and things are hectic around here I have a hard time finding time for things like this. Whats new? A lot is new actually.

#1. Harvey has a new job for Dish Network and he loves it.

#2 Kadyn is eating a lot better, although he is still going to get his feeding tube. It will be safer for him as dehydration can be super dangerous, especially to a child who is already medical fragile. 

#3 We kinda sorta got a new dog. I was driving down a busy road and noticed him running in the road. I pulled over and called for him and he just jumped right in my car. I waited to see if I noticed anyone looking for him, and nothing. I took him home and he acted like he lived here his whole life. He is well behaved, crate trained, potty trained and smart. This was Monday and I have yet to hear of any owners. I posted online and posted flyers, let the shelters in the area know. I did my part, and now I think the owner isn't doing theirs. I often wonder though, how many owners get tired of chasing their dogs when they don't train then right and just let them go. Seriously their loss. 

Things are going great. Kadyn is growing still, happy and getting stronger. He is starting to like being in his chair more often and eating baby soft foods seems to be a favorite for him. I am honestly just proud. Kadyn starts school soon. I am all too excited for him as I know he loved being in school, and it gives this mama a little break. Life Is good. 

The only bad thing is our washing machine broke. But if that is all that has happened. I am thankful.


Sue Z said...

Cute dog!! It looks like Petie from the Little Rascals!

I got my cat the same way, picked her up off of the street, advertised everywhere, called the police, the shelter, etc. So sad.

But we are very happy that she is ours!