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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

17 weeks

This pregnancy seems to be going by ever so slowly. Since I've not been so sick, I hardly even feel pregnant. Oddly with this being my 2nd, I'm not showing at all yet. Although quite early, and since I still have a bit of "fluff" left over from Kadyn that I never lost so it might be a few more weeks before I show. I don't feel movement yet, maybe some fluttering here and there, but I must remind myself, it's still early on in the pregnancy. Next week on the 19th we found out if Kadyn is going to have a little brother or sister. Everyone is hoping for a little sister but I'm just hoping for a healthy baby. A baby that does not need to go into the Nicu for months, a baby we can bring home the next day. Im not concerned about the sex at all. I'm only finding out because family wants to know. To me, the sex of the baby is such a small thing when it comes to the big picture. If we have another little boy GREAT! Boys are awesome, and Boys usually cling to their mommies more than girls (lol). If it's a girl GREAT! Girls are cute, sassy, and fearless. Either way I am still in awe that I am going to be a mommy of 2. I never dreamed of being a mommy of 1, until Kadyn came along and now that number 2 will be here in August it's like I'm living in a dream. Pinch me! :)


Наталья Ткаченко said...

At first? sorry for my bad English - I am from Russia. I just want to tell you - you is a GREAT mother with lot of love,which will be enough to Kadyn and a lil baby) You will overcome all difficulties and and yoir family will de the hapiest family in the world. Good luck! And God bless you and your family!