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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kadyn, and his ever changing self.

Cutting Kadyn's nails. I no longer do it. I can't handle being kicked in the face over and over again, plus Kadyn is so strong that I can hardly even lift him anymore. My lil boy is growing up :(. By the time this baby is here Kadyn will be 6 years old.  I can hardly believe that it's been 6 years since Kadyn's birth almost! Where is the time going?? Kadyn's behavior is changing and I see it every day. Also school has noticed it a lot too. He is becoming frustrated a lot more, and when he becomes frustrated he punches himself in the mouth/face, normally busting his lips open. It's sad and so hard to watch him go through this but the only thing we can do is try and understand his frustration and show him a way to release it without harming himself. As Kadyn gets older he becomes stronger and is starting to really hurt himself. He used to be soo happy and easy going. Bath time was not a struggle, getting dressed never was a fight, getting Kadyn to do anything was so easy last year compared to this year. Every morning while getting him dressed he just gets soo agitated and frustrated. He will yell, hit himself, and just be so unhappy about it. Bath time he will scream and cry so hard that after he is done he will either throw up from being so upset or have a hard time catching his breath. He is no longer trying to sit up, his eating is decreasing and his sleep is so off that I just don't know what to think, but then something keeps tell me, call his NSG and schedule a brain and spine MRI, check out his Chairi. Try and see if maybe some of these behaviors can be caused from this. I'm hoping for some answers. This could be just Kadyn growing up and changing, I get this but if his Chairi is bothering him I want it fixed. Even if it means surgery number 26 or 27 or whatever number we are at. I don't keep tack really.

4 more days until we find out if we are having a little Anna Grace or a Kyle Matthew. We changed the names yes. It happens ;). I'll be the first to know, and then I'll have to call Harvey and family, and text some family. I also think I am going to go out that day and buy his or her first outfit for the summer. Everyone is telling me girl, but I kind of think boy. Perhaps it's because I don't want to agree with everyone else lol. I have no idea but we will see. We started on the baby room, had to cut the flooring out because our dog Killian before we got him a new home ruined it. He went crazy and just regressed in his training. I just hope his new owners can do whats best for him, because I couldn't anymore, and it would of been selfish to keep him without being able to train his properly anymore.

You can see the holes in the walls, those are coverd now :)

Burning the old wooden flooring :)

Lucky Harvey's brothers are a big help. They are almost always there when we need their help. This time Nick stayed and helped out, which was amazing of him! Once we find out boy or girl we will start painting, putting the floor back in, which we are going to carpet it. Then the next will be to tackle our living room. We are going to paint it. We are tired of looking at mustard yellow walls :)