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Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's A....

IT'S A BOY!!! Baby Kyle :). We are super excited and very happy to be adding another little boy to our family. The best part is that little Kyle has no hydrocephalus and no other abnormalities. We scheduled another ultrasound in 4 weeks to look once more. I am hoping I can drop my high risk doctor and just continue to visit my regular OBGYN. I am pretty hopeful we will be able to do this. If not then I get to see my baby often and I am ok with that!

Kadyn had pediatrician appointment yesterday. It started off horrible. Kadyn fell asleep in the car and when I moved him from his seat to his stroller he got super upset, I figured he would go back to sleep but this was not the case. We went to sit down to get registered in and BAM he started having a seizure, so I took him into the rest room to give him his Diastat but thankfully he came out of the seizure before needing the medication. So we continued on with our appointment. Sat down and Kadyn continued to have small seizures until his body just finally relaxed. His Dr was amazing at how much she has grown and she was super excited to find out Kadyn was going to be a big brother. I told her about the seizure and she did not seem concerned because Kadyn has a long history of seizures. So she decided to give him a shot (chicken pox vaccine) since he is in school and he had not received it, she thought, and so did I that it would be a good idea to get it. My lil man didn't even flinch when he got the shot. He kept on talking and smiling like nothing ever happened. So, we leave and on the way home on the freeway, in the middle of Detroit he starts seizing. (GREAT!) I am not pulling over on the side of the road in Detroit Michigan for anything unless it's a TERRIBLE emergency. I get him home and he comes out of it. I lay him on the floor and he keeps having absent seizures so finally I just decided to give him his diastat and let him little body rest. Rest he did. 5 minutes after giving it to him, he went to sleep. He was a limp noodle from the medication so I put him in bed with me, raised his head up with pillows and I cuddled up next to him and napped also. He awoke 2 hours later and slowly regained his strength and personality. This morning he awoke like nothing ever happened yesterday. So he went to school, he was supper chatty and happy this morning. 

I chose to live life as if Kadyn does not have seizures. I chose to keep going on my daily activities especially when he feels great the next day. Kadyn's seizures are like my nieces and nephews scrapped knees. You never know when they are going to happen, but you are prepared and instead of band aids he gets medication. Instead of Kadyn getting right back up and going outside to play, he sleeps it off and wakes up as if nothing happened. If I was concerned about his shunt, or anything else I would of kept him home. He is going to have seizures, no matter what and I can't live my life sheltering him. He needs school, he needs to live as normally as possible. Especially with a new baby on the way, he NEEDS to be around other children. I could never take school away from Kadyn. He loves it way too much! 

We also are getting his diapers, wipes, butt rash cream and gloves all delivered to the house! Insurance is also going to cover the costs. How exciting!! :) I am really looking forward to not having to pay for diapers for a few months until Kyle comes along.