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Monday, March 11, 2013

Posts seem so distant now

Not much to talk about in the world over here. Kadyn's thriving in school so much. I'm 17 weeks pregnant now. March 19th we find out boy or girl. That is exciting. So far everything is looking good. Baby is developing normally. The only downfall is how sick I've been, but for a healthy baby I'll take it. 

Kadyn has made some progress in walking with a gait trainer and today he will be fitted for his very own to use at home. I'm hoping to have him at least walking with that a lot more. It would be nice to see Kadyn mobile on his own. Until then we have his amazing wheel chair! 

Really nothing new to report. Not a lot goes on here anymore now that Kadyn's seizures are under control and surgery rarely happens. Seems boring lol, but I will take it. We did down size our animals by 1 doggy. It just was not working out with our American Bull Dog mix. He was much more than our family can handle, and I hope the rescue that is working with him can help him reach his full potential. We still have our blue eyes goof ball Korona, and 3 kitties. Kitkat, Kabooki and Kougar. I can hardly believe that in 4 months Kadyn will be 6, and this will be his last birthday as an only child. It's bitter sweet to think next year I'll be celebrating two of my baby's birthday back to back. This year I'll be celebrating Kadyn's birthday in then in a few weeks celebrating a birth of a new baby! I'm due August 17th so I can have this baby anywhere at the end of July, early August. They won't allow me to go past my due date as I am going to attempt a VBAC. Since Kadyn's c section was due to complications with his Hydrocephalus there are no reasons as to why I can not attempt a VBAC. My doctor is on board with me. He thinks since Kadyn is also very much dependent on me, it will be easier for me to get back on my feet with Kadyn's care. The good thing though is that Kadyn will be attending summer school 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. He will be taking the school bus so he will actually be gone 4-5 hours a day. This will be extremely helpful as I heal from having a baby. Of course I'll have help, people will want to come over and see the baby and what not. I'm more interested in how Kadyn's reaction is going to be with  a baby here full time. I'm sure he will love it, as he really loves watching other children, but he is used to them going home eventually and then all the attention focused on him. He is pretty spoiled. 

Everything is going to be changing soon and I'm so excited!! :)


GirlWithGlasses said...

Sara, on the next post could you talk, or rather write about how well Kadyn's speech is going? Perhaps you could post a video too...