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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Appointment setback

This week I was suppose to have my first trimester scan but the specialist broke his foot and had to push his appointments back a week. So I am seeing my Normal OBGYN and the Specialist all in the same day. Oh joy right? No, I dislike feeling rushed in any sense. Not to mention I have to be at this appointment at 11:45 and then my other doctors appointment at 2pm. Kadyn also has an appointment this Friday to see his Neurologist. Which I already know how that one is going to plan out. So we will see if they listen to me or not.

Things have been going good, Kadyn has not had a seizure in almost a week (thankfully) and I am starting to believe he was having a bad reaction to the eggs we were feeding him. I stopped that and his seizures seemed to stop, but he still has to go to this appointment because I want to request a VMR (24 hour EEG). Neurology basically wants me to put him on medication and I have always refused as before this past couple weeks his seizures were well controlled on the Ketogenic Diet. Even the Neurologist agreed that it has done wonders for him. Since Kadyn went from have grand mal seizures every other day to once every 3-6 months, that is great control. No need for medication up until this point of course. I agreed to try medications if Kadyn's EEG showed any sort of Seizure activity on it, if it didn't I plan to just stay with the diet and that is all.

Kadyn today before school. He was in such a happy happy happy mood!! I love it when he talks to me in the mornings. Some mornings he has nothing to say, but this morning it was full of Mama, Dada, Nana, and BYEEE. I Loved it sooo much!!