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Sunday, April 7, 2013

21 Weeks/Sick Kadyn

Whelp, I am 21 weeks today, but I am spending that day in a hospital with my darling son Kadyn. He has a bad cold, which lead him to not eat/drink and he needed fluids. I really just thought they would give him a boost of fluids and then send him home, but his platelet counts were on the low side, so they believe he may have some sort of infection in him, but are not 100% sure. They need to draw more labs but his port is not letting them give blood, so now we have to wait. I don't want to wake him up to poke him. A traumatic wake up is not good for a child with epilepsy. He has not had any seizures with this illness and I would like to keep it that way. I'd prefer to just wait it out on the blood work since Kadyn is already getting antibiotics. They have to change the needle out, but I did agree once he is awake they can poke his finger to get the labs that they need, but the nurse declined to do so and agreed to wait on the port needle to be changed. Seriously love it!!

Kadyn just wanted to lay around all day yesterday and he is sleeping for a little while now too. He had a long rough night so I don't blame him. I just let him sleep. I love watching him sleep :)