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Monday, April 8, 2013

Surgery tomorrow

Here is Kadyn's port, the blood should not be there leaking out. 
I am very thankful that Kadyn is getting his port replaced tomorrow. He has been through so much these past few days and it will be nice to have his port back in. He is asleep now, although probably too early for him to be sleeping, he has had such a rough time that I just don't want to wake him. He is NPO after midnight so hopefully he won't wake up wanting to eat too much. They are pumping him full of fluids and keeping him hydrated. Hopefully they can get him in as early as possible to get this done and over with. Hopefully we can go home tomorrow and start recovering!

What had happened is basically Kadyn out grew his Med Port. It has become disconnected and the hopes are that we will be able to reconnect it and get it working again. If not they will just replace it. Thankfully this surgery is an easy one and is normally done out patient, but since we are already here we are going to fix it. They were going to do it tonight that way he can just go home tomorrow when the doctors release him but it was decided since his cultures were not 48 hours negative we would hold off until tomorrow just to be safe, but no one thinks anything is going to grow so the scheduled his surgery.

Kadyn has a line in his arm, but when they did it, the tubing nicked the side of his vein causing blood to surface to the skin. No fault of anyone's as Kadyn is a super hard poke. He has been poked more times this hospital stay then he has in a long time. His port is a life saver pretty much. No he doesn't use it as much anymore, but we still use it, and you never know when he will need to be in the hospital for long periods of time. Like shunt revision/infection or whatever happens. If Kadyn didn't use it anymore I would just say take it out, Plus they are all ready going to be in there, why not
Here is the bruising you can see. 

I just can not wait to be back in my bed at home. I miss being able to just cuddle up next to Harvey (and whatever pet climbs in bed with us lol) and sleeping. I miss waking up to Kadyn talking and playing in his own bed. I just miss my morning routine!! I can't really complain because we have stayed away from here very well, but it still doesn't make this visit any less stressful. I'm seriously over it. Although I am glad we brought him in and found out about this as if there was an actually emergency when we found the port to not be working this could of had a different outcome of all sorts.