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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kadyn's Cousin Payton

Kadyn's cousin Payton came over today. We played outside for a little bit. She enjoyed riding the little car down Kadyn's wheel chair ramp (wonderfully made by Harvey!!). She had a lot of fun. I could only keep my pregnant self out in the 80 degree heat for so long then I had to go inside. We had a lot of fun playing with toys, feeding Kadyn and watching him roll all over the place. 

Kadyn's not been eating too well from his bottle. It seems he has been having a hard time sucking and swallowing. I'm trying to work on this with him again, but I more so think it's because he needs to get off the bottle and onto a sippy cup, something he can fully control the flow of. Which is something easier said that done. Kadyn just doesn't understand the concept of a sippy cup, but I believe with his school working with us this is something we can accomplish. 

I am 2 days away from being 26 weeks pregnant. I've only gained 5lbs, which since I was a little bit over weight in the beginning my doctor is not worried and actually quite impressed that I've been able to control my weight so well. Being 4ft9 and weighing 138 when I got pregnant and now weighing 143 at 26 weeks is awesome! I still am eating well, but choosing healthier options. Plus I walk every day (when the weather permits of course) and I do a lot of house work to keep me busy and my energy levels up. Although at night I can feel the pains of my day. My right hip always hurts super bad, but I need to keep myself moving to stay the healthiest I can for this baby. 

Payton enjoying the ramp. (You cans see Kadyn's wheel chair in the door way, no he isn't in it lol)

Kadyn enjoying some fruit 

His famous Feet

Belly and Korona :)