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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Kyle Xavier

Kyle was born on August 16th via a successful VBAC! He was 6lbs 12oz 20inches long. He came out screaming and crying and healthy as can be. 10 fingers and 10 toes. Yes I counted. I was going to breast feed but that ended up being a complete failure as my milk never came in. 2 weeks later still nothing. So my baby is formula fed and happy and just as healthy as breast fed babies! He looks more like his daddy. Dark hair, tan, his eyes are dark grey but I believe they are going to turn blue.

The biggest question I have been asked is what is Kadyn's reaction. He seriously could careless. He will watch and listen to his baby brother but he has not changed at all. He is still my feisty little dude! Kadyn goes back to school next week and this is super exciting. Kyle is so demanding right now that it's hard to take care of both boys when Harvey is at work. Trying to give them both even amount of attention is a struggle. Thankfully with school starting he will get a ton of attention from his teachers.

I am just so blessed to be the mother of two amazing boys! I am very proud!!


mikesmrs said...

Congratulations to you and Harvey! I love Kyle's pictures. You've really captured great expressions! I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now, but have never posted. I think you're an amazing Mom! I hope you can get some rest while Kadyn is at school. You need to capture whatever moments you can to take care of yourself! Blessings to you and your precious family. Sue

sara said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Welcome, Beautiful Kyle!

Kim said...

Congratulations! He is just adorable.

Sue Z said...

Congratulations to you and your family! The same thing happened to my niece ... Her milk just never came in. It happens ...but has nothing to do with how much you love your child or how well you care for them ...THAT comes from the heart! <3