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Monday, August 12, 2013

The older you get my love

The more and more you look like your daddy! I just can't believe it. My lil Kadyn is 6 years old (Turned 6 July 2nd) and here we are waiting for Kyle to arrive. My due date is this Saturday Aug 17th but no signs of labor are in site. I want him so bad but am waiting patiently as possible. He will arrive on his own time.

It seems like the past few years Kadyn has gone from looking just like me, to looking more and more like his daddy. Starting to lose his baby face and get his grown boy face. It saddens me. I wanted Kadyn to stay my forever baby, mentally and visually, but looks like I am losing on the visually part!

My sweet little guy is just growing right in front of me and I can't stop him! He is learning to do so much more, mimicking a lot more, and is having more good days than bad. It's been an up and down hill road with this latest surgery recovery but I think we are finally back on the right path. Although getting him to eat his yogurts again has been the biggest struggle. We will re achieve that goal, and things will get a lot better once back in school and doing his therapies. I just know this! 

School Starts September 3rd!!!!