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Friday, January 10, 2014

Another year....

The holidays were great. Both Kadyn and Kyle got many things. Clothes, toys, yogurts, baby foods and gift cards. Things that were needed. I also got them a couple things. They each got a gift from us and a gift from Santa. It seems to be easier that way. Kadyn got a dinosaur paint set which I am going to help him with of course and he also got a Scout Lap Top. Kyle got a toy that jingles and a teether. Seems practical since he is teething now I believe. Kyle has also started baby foods. We were sort of hoping he would start baby foods and his puking would decrease, which in this case it has a lot. Since starting on his veggies his puking has not been as much or as often. I am pretty sure formula just doesn't agree with him, you name the formula we have tried it, so we are sticking with gentlease until he is a year old.

Kadyn is 6 years 6 months and Kyle is 5 months old. Kyle just found his feet. Loves all the veggie puree's, loves sucking his thumb and has learned to roll from his tummy to his back. He sleeps through the night, going to bed at 5pm and waking up at 6am. Thankfully he behaves himself while I get Kadyn on the bus. Kyle loves watching Tv and could sit there for an hour and watch TV.

Kadyn enjoys stuffies with switches on their paws and they sing, make music, talk ect. He has  a Scout, Cody, Dog, and a read with me Scout. He loves these things and when he is having a bad day these stuffies will make him the happiest. With being in a special school they don't have grades but he would be in 1st grade. He is "learning" math and reading in his own special way. Kadyn can walk in his gait trainer a few feet and is able to not use the head rest. He has great head control when his gait is supported.

With 2014 my hopes and dreams are for Kadyn to fully walk in his gait trainer, expect many tears when that happens, I also expect Kadyn to learn a couple more words, eat more solids and have NO shunt malfunctions. I am hoping and praying for these things

For Kyle I can't wait to see all his milestones. Sitting up, walking, talking, and being  a big boy. Growing and just being the sweet lil dude he is. This year should be amazing!! I see many good changes! :)


GirlWithGlasses said...

Hello! :)
If it isn`t asking for too much, can you post a video of Kadyn walking in his gait trainer? I would love to watch that!
Also, I do think I should say I love that picture of Kyle. That facial expression is priceless, and the baby baldness adds in resulting in a awesome picture. Also, the light on his eyes show how blue they are. Love it!