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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Working Mama with an Epileptic

Now days it's very rare for there to only be 1 working parent. With the economy both parents have to work. We are in that situation. I know Kadyn's health (as well as Kyle's of course) comes first, but I need to work to provide for my children. So with that said. The other day while at work, my shift was almost over. I checked my phone for the time and noticed I had a text, normally I check see who it's from, if it is from someone who does not have my child I just ignore it and go about my job. Well it was from Harvey, and I knew he was off work and had the children, so I checked it and it was a text saying that Kadyn was seizing. So I responded and asking him if he knew what to do, he said it had been done and he was waiting for Kadyn to come out of it. I then received a text that he was done seizing and sleeping it off, so I relaxed, finished my shift, cleaned up and headed home. When I got home Kadyn was still sleeping so I continued to let him sleep it off. About an hour later he woke up and he was fine, happy and playful. So I decided he was fine and it was just his stupid epilepsy reminding us that it is still here and will fire at any time. So I started researching different epilepsy treatments and found a research center in my area for Cannabis oil treatments for Epilepsy in minors. So, I am going to have a nice discussion with Harvey about this and possibly enroll Kadyn in this study. I am willing to try anything, and if a little Cannabis oil can help I am all for it! I am going to look into it more, call the place, talk to Harvey about it and will probably be making my final decision within a week or two, but something needs to be done. Kadyn can no suffer from these crazy seizures anymore. Perhaps on the Cannabis Oil we will see improvement in his skills. 

Kadyn when I got home

I will be posting soon about my trip to WI. It was an over night trip...lots of tears but worth it to show how much my friends son ment to me.