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Monday, March 17, 2014

Life seems busy

Between work and being a mommy I hardly have anytime to update anymore. Do know no news is good news. Kadyns been doing amazing in school. He is getting so big and growing more and more amazing everyday. Learning new things and getting stronger with school. We hardly get any bad notes home from school anymore. His new bus driver says that Kadyn is his favorite as well. Kadyn is also happier on the bus with the new driver. Makes you wonder why Kadyn is doing so much better now that he is no longer with that bus driver. I have no idea. 
Kadyn likes to be cuddled now, not for along time but he enjoys mommy cuddles. It's a good feeling because I never got that from him. Even has a baby he did not enjoy being held. Only one time did I hold him for a long period of time, this was back when he was in nicu and he was having issues with his stats unless I was holding him. I held him for hours. Now I'm lucky to get 5 minutes. I enjoy every moment of it though. Kadyn is sti super vocal, he doesn't talk but makes many noises and can say some words. My handsome prince is amazing! 

Kyle is 7 months old now! Can you believe it? He can sit up unsupported, mimicked noises and sounds, says dada, scoots to get were he wants, rolls from back to front and front back to back. He loves toys and baths and he loves his jenny jumper. He enjoys snuggling and he loves to eat! He still has no teeth yet. He is such a good happy baby. Hardly cries unless he is sleepy or hungry. When he is sleepy he wants his bed to sleep in! We sti don't out Kadyn and Kyle together a lot as Kadyn is rough and he doesn't understand that he can't be rough. Unless I am going to be sitting with them both they play on opposite sides of the room. Until Kyle is older and can protect himself from Kadyns pinches lol. 

Life is good though :) babies are happy and healthy and loved. It's all I can ask for. Working and I love it! I am blessed! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, I've read you for a while. I think u are a brave and great mother! You have all my admiration. I'm from Argentina and I've never write you before.
Today I've seen a video and instantly think about you and Kadyn, probably is not news for you but just in case... here it is the link:

Lot of kisses for your beautiful family. Love! Julia.