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Friday, June 13, 2014

It's been months

It's been months since I last posted. Not much has changed. Life's busy between work and taking care of both of my babies. Kadyns about to turn 7! Isn't that amazing! Soon I'll have a 7 year old and shortly after that Kyle turns a year old. 

Kadyns doing so amazing. He is making progress in every way possible. His gait trainer he can walk in now, he is up to walking 10 feet in it without getting affiliated. His moments of self abuse has slimed down a lot which is amazing! He also has been in a much happier mood for school and I've received NO phone calls since April about Kadyns behavior which in my eyes is just plan amazing. He is getting bigger and bigger and it's amazing to watch him grow. I look at pictures from last year compared to this and I can see he has gained weight which is good because he needed it! 
I am not really sure how he has gotten so big or where the time has gone but I am ever so thankful that Kadyn is at his healthiest he has ever been. Hospital trips seen to only happen now when e has a seizure and even that has cut down a lot. His last seizure being back in April. Kadyn doesn't have seizures as often but the ones he does have now are stronger than ever, but I think I'll take 1 big seizure every so often compared to 1 big seizure a month. Kadyns very active now too. Rolling all over the place and doing what I like to call his sensory kicks. Many children like Kadyn kick things for sensory reasons. I don't stop Kadyn from doing this but I make it safer. Kadyn also no longer sleeps in his bed as he has found away to roll up and over his railings. Silly boy! 

Kyle, he will be a 1 year old come August. Such a sweet boy he is. It's fun watching him learn his surroundings. He can crawl now and he is cruising furniture. Pretty sure little man will be walking soon. He loves his sippy cups full of water or juice. He is very independent baby. Doesn't like to be cuddled but does enjoy being held from time to time. He loves car rides and going to the store. Strangers make him cry even family members he doesn't see very often make him cry. He is constantly babbling and "talking". He has just grown so much! It's amazing! 
I have two of the most perfect babies any could ask for! Hardly cry, Kyle only cries when he falls hard or when he is hungry. Kadyn just never cries! I've been truly blessed! I couldn't ask for anything better! =)