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Friday, June 20, 2014

1 year Chiari decompression surgery anniversary

It's been 1 year since Kadyn had the biggest surgery yet. It's been a roller coaster and if I'm being honest many backwards step and hardly any going forward. Kadyn lost a lot of abilities after this surgery. His willingness to eat yogurts and soft foods. Him liking his chair is no longer. His seizures haven't got worse actually he isn't having as many as he was before. He tends to hit his head a lot more now and he also hits the back of his neck a lot. July 2nd he goes in for an appointment with his neurosurgeon and I am hoping to explain all of this to dr.ham and get some kind of answers, thoughts or game plan to see if there is something causing him pain. 

Kadyn still has more happy days than bad days but I want him to be more comfortable everyday. Also eating foods is a huge issue. He was doing so good and the. BAM done. Sadly I thought this surgery would set him back some but I didn't think a year later we would still be struggling to "heal". Hopefully after we see dr. Ham we can get some answers. 

Kyle has learned to "dance" it's the cutest thing ever to watch him sit and move his upper body and arms while he dances. I have tried to video it but he sees my phone and stops. He is such a turd sometimes. He is getting so big! It's hard to believe in a few months he will be a year old. 
I love how he has my blue eyes but his daddy's tan skin complexion. I like to think both my babies look just like me though. =). 


Colette said...

So glad I checked in to see if there were any updates...did you get any answers at the doctors appointment?? Hope you are all doing well?? :-)