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Friday, June 20, 2014

Kadyns seizure

Saturday night, well more like early Sunday morning, Kadyn had a seizure. I could sense it was coming. It had been awhile since his last one and I knew it would happen any day. I didn't expect it to happen that night while I was enjoying a night out with friends but, it did. I rushed home to find Kadyn on the floor with his daddy sitting next time him. A wash cloth on his forehead and Kadyn laying next to blood on the carpet. Harvey said Kadyn spit up some blood and had a fever of 102, So I decided to pack him up and take him to Children's hospital. We arrived and things went quick and we were taking back to be seen. Kadyn was super postictle so they hooked him up to monitors and watched him. Here is where I got super angry. Now Kadyn has been hitting his head and the back of his neck a lot. These are things that I mentioned to the dr. He called neurosurgery later and told then and the Rn asked if I felt it was the shunt. I felt it's something that we needed to rule out this time and really the only reason I brought him in was to do so. But my opinion was squashed and blood work showed no sign of infection or anything so we were sent home. Great. 

Yesterday Kadyn slept all day. Now this isn't his normal after seizure behavior at all. Normally he is back to the happy vocal crazy Kadyn we all know. He slept through the night woke up maybe for an hour or two then slept till 7pm that night when I woke him. He was then back to sleep by 10pm. He is sleeping a lot which isn't normal at all. I truly feel he needs his shunts checked. Something I plan on doing. I was going to go into clinic today but I'm going to give him a couple days to recoup from this seizure and hopefully maybe see a change? So far today he has been sleepy and quiet. It's so hard watching him to through this. He has an appintment with NSG on July 2nd (his 7th birthday) so I'm keeping that because I want him to have an MRI. I think his Chiari needs to be looked at as well. Just start checking things off the list. The poor baby has so much going on up in his head that it's no fair! Hopefully we will have answers soon. Sadly if he has surgery he will miss out on some summer school, I just don't think summer school will be in the cards for him ever! So far he has missed every year. Ugh.