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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lack of posts

WellI haven't really wrote in my blog. Maybe it's lack of time, or perhaps it's that I care for two children on top of working and caring for a house. Perhaps I am just out of ideas. I don't know, but I wanted to make my readers aware that September is hydrocephalus awareness month. This is the main condition that Kadyn deals with. With a shunt to keep the fluid draining from his brain, he has under gone to date over 30 surgeries. Thankfully in the past four years this shunt system has been working for him. It's been 4 years since his last revision and I am ever so thankful for that. He still has seizures and although they are still not as often they are changing and becoming stronger as he gets older. I was told this would happen. His rescue meds barely get him out of seizures anymore but thankfully there are still months between seizures. Among his many other health issues those are the two biggest issues. Can you believe he is 7 years old already? I often wonder how many followers he has, that are still following his story ( or lack there of due to my laziness in updating my blog) from back when I first started before he was even a year old. I am thankful for eveyone who has helped and or listened or read Kadyns story. He has been through a lot and he still goes through a lot daily. Therapies, special schools, the need to be cared for 24/7. His journey to get where he is today has been a long one, but totally worth it to see his smiles. He is so happy! 

I am going to try and update my blog more often. Now that I have two children and that I am working it proves to be a tad difficult. I love my boys! With that said I leave you with a picture of both of my boys when they at the age of 1. 


casey said...

I love to read your blog post with updates about my fellow hydro warrior. Glad to hear that both of your kids are doing great. I can not wait to hear more updates and to see the progress that both of the boys do.

Mary.W said...

I check on your blog at less once a month to see what you and your boys are up to. Hope you and Harvey ( ?spelling) are doing great.

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