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Friday, July 17, 2015

A life of epilepsy

It's amazing 9 years ago when pregnant with my oldest son, I didn't think to worry about anything. Even after getting the news that my son would be born with hydrocephalus, being told he would need surgery to place a shunt and things should be fine. Little did I know when my 7lb 11oz sweet baby boy came into this world that the struggle to live would be much more than I anticipated. Now that all the huge issues have been taken care of and Kadyn is at his most healthiest e has been in years there is 1 issue that we seem to struggle with the most and that is his epilepsy. When he was born he wasn't born with epilepsy. It happened when he got his first shunt infection. His first and probably worst bout of meningitis. He started having seizures then and since then they seem to change and get worse. We have battled this ongoing health issue for years. You name the medication we have tried it and for Kadyn he had the opposite affect. He would have more seizures and more intense seizures while on medication. We have also been on the ketogenic diet for years, which has seemed to help the most. He doesn't have as many anymore. Kadyn also recently had a vns placed, which I am less then impressed with for him, but hay we tried. It's time to just face it, and deal with it. Kadyn has untraceable epilepsy. He will continue to have seizures no matter what we do. No matter the medication, diet restrictions or devices his seizures will pop through. Being able to control them and get them to stop while at home is my only concern. Which I have been able to do with his Diastat. It's all that matters to me. I can't cure Kadyn, I can't fix everything that he has going on with him, and let's be honest I don't know how much time I have with him. I can only

Hope I have forever with him, but I'm too much of a realist to play into the positive people's suggestions that he can out live me. Kadyn is the most amazing kid I know! I love him with all my heart and soul. I just find it fascinating that he has come so far when he was given such an awful prognosis. One thing for sure, I'll cherish everyday that I have with him! 


Mary.W said...

I would love to know how Kadyn is doing, I have followed your blogs since he was a baby.

Hope all is well,