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Saturday, July 11, 2015

I don't update much. my apologies.

I've been preoccupied lately and well I just do not update much. So much is going on! But do know that Kadyn is pretty healthy and happy little guy! He just turned 8! Can you believe it 8 years old! Seems like yesterday I was that scared first time mom, who was about to birth a perfect little boy!

This post I am going to dedicate to one of many of Kadyn's abnormalities. One that I haven't talked about a lot because it really does not bother him. Kadyn has horseshoe shaped kidneys. His kidneys are fused together unlike normal kidneys that are separate. This does not bother him or affect him in anyway. He also has cysts on his kidneys but it was determined that they were just cysts and no further treatment was needed unless they started to bother him. He uses the bathroom just fine so I doubt they are bothering him.

Kadyn is an amazing little dude. His epilepsy is still an issue, and we have tried everything. Bottom line is, that his epilepsy can not be 100% controlled and I accept that. I know he will have seizures and the most important thing is that I can now get him out of them at home. He sleeps it off and then its like nothing ever happen. He is an amazing strong boy. I couldn't be anymore lucky then to be his mom! 

He is going to summer school and he loves it!! He is back in his old classroom for the summer and I think he is over the moon for it! He absolutely loves the parapro that is in there, she has always been his favorite! Although I think he can not wait for normal school to be back in session. 

Things are going great with him!


TannaLee said...

Long time follower, so glad to see your post and news that your (our) ADORABLE little hero boy is doing well!! Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way. Thanks for posting ~ you are such an inspiration!!

Sue Z said...

So happy to see a post and see Kayden! He is just getting cuter! How is that even possible?? :-)